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Enterprise News

Enterprise News


Enterprise News


What is the Enterprise?

The Enterprise is a 4 metre sailing dinghy designed by Jack Holt back in 1956. It is one of the largest classes in the world and this popularity is due to its excellent qualities both as a cruising and a two-man racing boat. There are over 23,000 registered boats around the world, with most of them in the UK.

This means that there are always Enterprises at every club around the UK, and some good class and open meeting racing is readily available all over the country. The National Enterprise Week usually attracts over a hundred entries. The class is also growing (still growing!) at a rate of approximately one hundred new boats every year.

A large proportion of new boats are glass fibre, while the majority of those built before the mid-90's tended to be wooden - although you do still get new wooden ones and older fibreglass ones. You can also get composite boats, for those who like wooden decks without the fuss of fitting out a wooden hull.

The Enterprise is an active and exciting boat to sail and it is raced competitively almost everywhere. With its relatively large sail area, it is ideally suited to inland waters and the lighter winds found there. Crew weight is not a crucial factor to success as is often the case with very light displacement boats, and people race them regularly with an all-up crew weight varying from around 17 stone up to 24 stone. The Enterprise is both light enough to be handled easily ashore, and heavy enough to be very seaworthy.

The Enterprise has neither spinnaker nor trapeze and so is ideal for those who race but have no regular crew and for learning and cruising. Needless to say, it is ideal for those who cannot be bothered with a spinnaker and all the equipment to go with it, or the complication of a trapeze.

The Enterprise Association exists to protect the interests of the owners and organises a frequent Open Meeting programme, both inland and on the sea, together with various National Championships. The governing body of the Association is elected by the members and consists of both family members and racing enthusiasts giving a balanced approach to organising and ensuring the future of the class.

Enterprises at Burghfield

Almost every top sailor at Burghfield has raced in the Enterprise class at some stage in their sailing career - therefore, asking anyone about the class will normally get a good response.

There are many Enterprises sailing as a part of the Admiral Club on a Saturday, as it is an ideal boat for starting to sail at Burghfield - with enough excitement to keep people interested, but without the tricks needed for a spinnaker or trapeze. There are also a good many that race on a Wednesday Evening. On a Sunday, the Enterprise now races (Frostbites 2007 onwards) in the Slow Handicap class, with similar aged design of boats like the Solo.

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