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Wednesday Evening Pursuit

Wednesday Evening Pursuit

Wednesday evening racing  Video 2012

Wednesday Evening Racing

Read below if you are new to the series to find out how it works, and how to give yourself your initial personal handicap.

Click the image to the right for a sample video from a previous year's racing!

wednesday evening racing

Wednesday Evening Pursuit
The most popular Wednesday Evening series in the country will be re-starting on Wednesday 25 April. From then it will run through to the last series race on 22 August, followed by The Bloodbath on 29 August. The races will start at 18.50, with a scheduled finish time of 20:00. The races will be followed by the very popular "Sailors Suppers" in the club house (please pre-order before sailing).

As usual, the initial personal handicaps will be set to 50% of the values from the end of last year.

If you have not sailed in this series before please read the Explanatory notes so that you have an idea of the way it works, if you still have any questions please .

For those who are new to the series, or those who have changed boats, we will need to assign you with an initial personal handicap. Initially, it can be anything from -2 to +2 depending on your level of experience. Just follow these guidelines:

  • If you are new to racing, use -2 minutes, this will give you a bit of a head start.
  • If you are a reasonably competent club racer, start from the scratch time for your boat.
  • If you are a competitive racer comfortable at open meetings, use +2 to give yourself a challenging race.

Of course, you can use -1 and +1 if you fit in the middle somewhere.

Note that most people in the fleet will already have personal handicaps from previous years so you are just trying to pick a number which will slot you in at the right place. If you are not sure .

Also note that if we feel you have got it wildly wrong, your handicap may be manually adjusted for your second race but after that it will only be done automatically.

If you are fairly new to racing, then there are lot of pointers to further useful information on the Introduction to Racing pages.Underlined Text

Results and Information

Here is a quick guide to help you find the results and information which you are looking for:


This is the main results page. It contains all the usual information plus additional columns showing the personal handicaps and the start times.

Detailed Results

A results table containing some supplementary information. This shows how the handicaps have accumulated over time and in seconds.

Class Start Times

This is the table of start times for each class of boat, before any personal adjustments are made.

Personal Start Times

This table shows the initial start times for anyone who has competed in the series last year. If you have changed boat, please use a sensible start time depending on where you are on the learning curve. These may be adjusted manually by the Committee prior to your second start.


Everything that you wanted to know but were afraid to ask. The start sequence, the finish sequence and the personal handicap system explained.

SRO Notes

Notes to help race officials on Wednesday evenings. Please read these before attending to complete any of the Wednesday evening duties.


A quick glimpse of the fleet sizes over the last few years.

Detailed 2005 Results
Detailed 2006 Results
Detailed 2007 Results
Detailed 2008 Results - Early Season
Detailed 2008 Results - Late Season
Detailed 2009 Results - Early Season
Detailed 2009 Results - Late Season
Detailed 2010 results
Detailed 2011 results
Detailed 2012 results
Detailed 2013 results
Detailed 2014 results
Detailed 2015 results
Detailed 2016 results
Detailed 2017 results
The detailed results from the last few years. Interesting to see how handicaps developed during each series.

Created on 22/11/2005 09:08 PM by Burghfield Admin
Updated on 04/04/2018 07:01 PM by Sharon Bullock
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