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Burghfield Sailing Club
Hangar Road
Berks RG7 4AP

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Join Burghfield

Join Burghfield

At less than £7 a week including a boat park space, Burghfield provides fantastic value for money.

How to Join

In order to join, please complete the 2018 membership form available HERE and send to the or post to:

Burghfield SC
Hangar Road

If you have any questions, please contact the Club Manager or call 0118 930 3604. If you require a boat park space, please contact the club first to ensure that there is a suitable space available.

Fees for 2018

With immediate effect, we will no longer be offering the annual subscription as a single payment but, we will be moving all members to a monthly payment payable by direct debit through goCardless.

We are doing this as it spreads the cost for you, makes changes mid-year easy to manage and it takes less time for us in chasing late payments.

In line with a decision prior to the 2017 AGM, membership fees will now be increased in June rather than December. As such, Subscription fees will be increased as detailed below from 1st July 2018. Boat, Trailer and other additional fees will remain unchanged.

Subscription from Jul 2018
Senior Sailor (66 years+)£11.00
Junior (16 - 17 years)£7.50
Young Person (18 - 24 years)£7.50
Radio Sailing£11.00
Overseas £8.50
Annual On Site Storage Per Month
Boat/Board Registration (each) £1.00
Boat Park £8.00
Optimist Boat Park £4.50
Optimist Rack (Upper Levels) £3.00
Topper Rack £4.50
Sailboard Rack £3.00
Trailer Storage £4.00
Other Fees Per Month
Locker Fee (if allocated) £0.50
Club Duty Waiver Fee (see Rule 8a) £12.50
Late Renewal Fee (after 31 Jan) £3.50
Joining FeesSingle Payment
Full £69.00
Senior Sailor (66 years+) £36.00
Rejoining Fee (within 5 years) £42.00
Winter Membership (Nov - Mar)Single Payment
Winter Membership £105.00
Winter Boat Park £40.00
Winter Boat/Board Registration £12.00
Deposits (check availability)Single Payment
Key Fob Deposit £12.00
Locker Deposit £20.00

GoCardless offers the club cheap, fast and secure payment processing. GoCardless accesses the direct debit network through its sponsor RBS and is registered with the FSA as a small Payments Institution. For further information please visit www.gocardless.com

Membership types

Full Membership includes the member's spouse/partner and children under 18 yrs. There is a reduced rate for members aged 66 and over.

Junior Membership for young people between 16 & 17yrs. Those applying must hold a minimum of RYA Junior leverl 1 certificate if windsurfing and/or RYA Young Sailors Stage 3 Award if dinghy sailing. Junior Members must be supervised on site by a responsible Adult.

Young Person's Membership for those aged 18 to 24 yrs inclusive, not necessarily in full time education.

Crewing Members intended for crews who are not allowed to register their own boats or board. Crewing Members transferring to Full must pay the full Entrance fee.

Radio Sailing Subscriptions to participate in Radio Controlled Sailing held at BSC.

Associate Member for those who have an interest in sailing and are prepared to do rostered duties but do not actively participate in the sport.

Memberships are all 12 months (except Winter Membership). If you require a boat park or sailboard rack please

Duty Waiver

The club can only manage to operate such a full and successful calendar with the support of all its members. We believe that the club fees are very reasonable and that is largely due to the fact that everyone helps out with duties. Currently members/sailors are required to complete at least two duties per year.

However, we also understand that it is impractical for some people to commit the time to fulfill club duties and we provide the waiver fee as an alternative.

Paying the Duty Waiver fee exempts you from all weekend duties (except the Christmas Series - special rules apply).

Please note, however, that the waiver fee does not apply to Wednesday evening duties. The duty roster for the Wednesday evening series is taken from those people who take part in the series. If you sail in the Wednesday evening series, you will be asked to do a duty as part of that series the following year.

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Updated on 30/06/2018 01:47 PM by Sharon Bullock
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