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Admiral's Club

Admiral's Club

Welcome to Admiral's Club

The group was formed in 2007 to cater for those sailors who enjoy the social and more fun side of sailing, or want to develop to join the Wednesday racing.

We will host a series of training, fun and social events or simply meet on the beach so we have other like minded people to sail with. Our events are free and open to all. We’re there to help each other so if you are rigging your boat for the first time or just need someone around to help you launch there’s a friendly helpful face.

Our events will show up in the calendar window on the right hand side of this page. On saturdays when there is not an organised event, members will still meet to rig up under the balcony around 1.00 - 1.30 and we will agree a course giving you a chance to sail in company. All activities are weather dependent.

Friday evening events start at 7pm.

Here is a list of the 2018 events:-

TGI Fri 1st Jun Duck Hunt
Sat 9th June Battle of Burghfield
TGI Fri 22nd Jun Coached Fun races
TGI Fri 27th July Coached Fun races
Sat 28th July Spinnaker Training
12th to 17th Aug Trip to Chichester FED Week
Sat 18th Aug Coached Fun races

Full details of the events are shown on the calendar.

Each year within our programme we aim to include a mixture of the following:

- Sailing development days*, covering rigging, launching, triangular courses, advice and guidance to develop your skills
- Fun events such as our Treasure Hunt & The Battle of Burghfield
- Novice racing events for those who like the idea but are not yet confident enough to sail on Wednesday evenings
- Social events, and Saturday afternoon get together's at the club

* run by the main club, with Recreational Sailors in mind. Watch out for details in the regular club e-newsletter Burghfield Breeze (if you don't already receive it, you can sign up Here).

Who is Admiral's Club for?

- New people, who don't know anyone in the club yet
- People who have completed their RYA Level 1 and 2 courses, and want to move on to the next stage
- People who want a safe environment to just sail
- People who want a more structured approach to learning to sail
- People who want to race - but are daunted by the apparent knowledge of those who race regularly
- Families - where some are less keen to get wet than others!
- People who want to use sailing as a good introduction to a new social scene


Keep In-touch

Do let us know what you want to see happening - suggestions welcome. Please email .

You can also contact the Recreational Sailing fleet captain by email with comments or suggestions:

Club Boats

Don't have a boat of your own but want to go sailing? Want to try out some different boats?

BSC has several boats which can be used by club members.

See the Club Boats page (in the left hand menu) for details.

Wanting to move on to racing?

If you think that you might be ready to have a go at the racing scene, then please see the Racing pages on the club web-site, where there are further details of the simple rules to learn, as well as information and guides to help make that initial step.

The Wednesday evening races in the summer are a great way to get started in racing.

Created on 24/01/2007 09:05 PM by Ian Bullock
Updated on 30/06/2018 09:49 AM by Kevin Druce
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