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Racing - What races are organised at Burghfield?

Racing - What races are organised at Burghfield?

What are the different races at the club?

The list of the different races shown here is in approximate ascending order of difficulty for a new person to racing. It doesn't mean you have to follow the progression, as often there is more support for you from other fleet members at some of the other events, but it should give you an idea of how serious the racing might be taken by your fellow competitors.


Admiral's Club

Introduced in 2007, Admiral's Club is:

  • Designed for people relatively new to sailing, and very new to racing.
  • It is not a "teach you to sail from scratch" club, but it is aimed at those who have learnt to sail and are now wanting to progress further.
  • Ideally, you will be able to sail competently around a triangular course, and want to learn more.
  • It will certainly help you to improve your boat handling - which is the main limiting factor for most people!

  • For more details, Click here

Fleet Training Days

Each fleet within the club normally manages to organise 2 or 3 different training days during the year. Some of these might be straight boat handling improvements, while others will involve lots of short races for practise.

  • Run by the Fleets for the individual fleet members.
  • Designed for those who want to improve their sailing skills within their particular class of boat.
  • Typically consists of some theory and a lot of practical exercises.
  • For more details, take a look at your fleet page or contact your fleet captain


Wednesday Evening Pursuit Race

These events, held for approx. 18 weeks in the summer, are very popular - both with complete beginners to the racing scene, and to those who are a lot more experienced.

  • The time when the lake is most crowded!
  • Wednesday evening races are a good time for beginners - the winds are generally lighter and the racing is less serious.
  • Because of the Personal Handicap, you can get good racing against other boats, however skilled or un-skilled you might be.
  • Start times range from 18:45 through to about 19:30 with the slower boats starting first. A mass finish is timed for 20:00 followed by a meal and drink in the Club at about 20:30.
  • For more details, Click here


The Bloodbath

As a celebration and end to the Wednesday Evening Series, come and join us for the 2018 Bloodbath.... It’s not scary! It’s a great, fun way to end the evening series!

A lap-timed handicap race, single start with one loooooooong line, & no personal handicaps!

Start 6:50pm for ALL competitors
Competitors will need to go through the start/finish line on every lap
The race will be in the region of 45-60mins long

If you’d like to use a club boat for this event, please contact the club office.

Following the Bloodbath, join us for supper and Prize-Giving

Prizes will be awarded for the 2018 Wednesday Evening Series & Bloodbath. Prizes will be awarded throughout the fleet so come and join in!

Bank Holiday races

  • Each Bank Holiday from Easter Monday to the end of August there are a couple of races held.
  • These tend to have fewer people racing than on a Sunday or Wednesday, so the water is not crowded.
  • This can be a good opportunity to swap helms or crews, to try new ideas, or to gain more experience.
  • Normally these are Pursuit Races. With a "100 minute" in the morning (start at 11:00 = finish at 12:40); and a "70 minute" (start at 13:50 = finish at 15:00) in the afternoon.
  • The 8 races held count towards the Bank Holiday series results.


Burghfield Blast

Short course, rapid fire sprint racing.

We will try and set a course which will take 15-20 minutes with a finish on a separate line from the start but in the same area of the lake.

Initially, classes will start in the same sequence as for normal Sunday racing but as soon as all of a particular fleet has finished, they will be re-added to the back of the queue for another start.

Blast - More Details

Special Events on Sundays

  • Between each of the main Club Series, there is often a special event held.
  • These may be all-in handicaps, or pursuit races, or fleet races.
  • For more details, check the club calendar for: Commodores Cup, Cock of Burghfield, Fleet Trophy, KGFS Pennant Race, Ladies Race.
    • KGFS & Ladies Rosebowl - Consists of three races with one discard and there are two prizes to be won. The KGFS Plaque which is open to all competitors and the Ladies Rosebowl which is open to Female Helms. The format of the racing is one start for all competitors and is a normal lap timed handicap. It is an ideal opportunity for all types of boat to compete together and should make for an interesting start! The start will be at 11am, as normal with the second and third race being run back to back after lunch. It is an ideal event to have a go at if you haven't really raced that much before as it is all completed in the one day, so come along and give it a go!
    • The Commodore’s Cup - a one-day, handicap event - it is a great chance for classes who don’t usually get to compete against one another to do battle.
      The format is as follows:
      3 races, 2 to count, Single start for all classes, Lap Timed handicap, First Start 11:00
    • Fleet Trophy Day - a one-day event normal Fleet racing (as for normal Sunday racing), but 2 races in the morning and 1 race in the afternoon.
      3 races, 2 to count, First Start 11:00
    • Cock of Burghfield - Usually a one day, pursuit race event but for 2018 will span two weekends - 5 races, 3 to count.
      2018 Day 1 - 3 x lap timed handicap races 2 in the morning, 1 in the afternoon. First start 11:00
      2018 Day 2 - 2 x pursuit races - With a "100 minute" in the morning (start at 11:00 = finish at 12:40); and a "70 minute" (start at 13:50 = finish at 15:00) in the afternoon.
Keep an eye on the website for confirmed dates.

Normal Sunday Racing

Sunday's are when the main racing at Burghfield takes place. The racing is organised into fleets and handicap racing, and the numbers on the water can vary between about 20 or 25 boats (when its cold and raining) to well over 100 (when its sunny and there is a good breeze blowing).
  • The main racing that takes place at the Club. Organised into fleets and handicap races:
    • Fast Asymmetric - 11:00 and 13:30.
    • Fast Handicap - 11:03 and 13:33
    • Slow Handicap - 11:06 and 13:36
    • Optimists - 11:09 and 13:39
  • The races are split into a morning and an afternoon series for each of the Frostbites, Spring, Summer, Autumn series.
  • Normally there are 10 or 11 races in each series.
  • For more details, click here.

Oppie Open

Open Meetings

  • Each of the fleets that are sailed regularly at Burghfield normally has an Open Meeting at the club at some stage during the year.
  • Visitors travel, often up to 150 miles, to attend these events.
  • Visitors from other clubs find the Burghfield Open Meetings very popular - because of the good competition, the way the events are run, the location of the club and the friendliness of the people here at Burghfield.
  • For more details, look at the Club Calendar for your class.


National Championships

  • Burghfield also run National Championships and National Inland Championships for a number of different classes each year.
  • The actual boats and classes involved change every year, as the classes like to visit different venues.
  • Burghfield has held National events for Moths, Larks, Optimists, Fevas, RS classes, Laser classes, Enterprises, Comets and many others in recent years.

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