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Racing Overview

Racing Overview


Information Available

The information available from this page is to assist all those involved in the sport of dinghy racing here at Burghfield Sailing Club.

  • Race Officer Notes. The notes, comments, recommendations and guidelines to help the Senior Race Officers and their assistants to run the racing on the day of their duty. These notes have been available for Race Officers for a number of years, although they have now been updated and made available on the web-site - so that Race Officers can read them before venturing to the club for their duty.
  • Results. The results of the weekend races are posted every week on the web-site. Typically, they are made available on a Tuesday - although, depending on the Secretary's work-load and the neatness of the Race Officers writing, it may be earlier or later.
  • Sailing Instructions. These are the "rules" which govern the racing here at Burghfield. They define any special instructions that may be different to the normal Racing Rules (see below). There are separate Sailing Instructions for normal club racing and for Open Meetings.
  • .
  • Races at Burghfield. Details of the different types of races that are held at Burghfield.
  • Sunday Racing. Details of the normal club racing that takes place on a Sunday are shown here, including the start-times and schedule of races.
  • Wednesday Evenings. This page provides the links to what happens on a Wednesday evening, how the results and personal handicaps are calculated, the results from the previous week, and what your personal handicap will be for the next week
  • Newcomers to Racing. If you are new to the sport of dinghy racing there are some pointers, tips and guidlines here to help you. If you are not new to the sport, there are some good refreshers and reminders for you as well, especially the hints and tips for before the start
  • Statistics. Information is available here to help feed the bar arguments over "How many boats raced last year?"
  • Handicap AnalysisThe Lap-Timed Handicaps results, from both the handicap and fleet races, that are run each Sunday at Burghfield are being analysed and assessed to provide some real data to understand the use of the standard RYA Portsmouth Yardstick handicaps here at Burghfield.
  • Racing Rules.New to racing? Experienced at racing? Everyone is interested in what the Racing Rules are that govern the sport. A "simple" set of rules is shown, plus pointers to the full set for those that need more detail.
  • What do those flags mean? Some of the flags that are used at Burghfield to start and finish the races.

Racing Overview / Introduction


Latest Updates

Please click on the links lower down this page for more information on these topics:

  • What should I do to finish the race?
  • What do the flags mean?
  • Statistics from earlier years
  • Information to help newcomers to the sport
  • Guidelines for before the start
  • Handicap analysis
  • What are the different types of races at Burghfield
  • Racing Rules section
Coming soon:
  • Any requests? Any questions you want answered?

Sailing Committee update - June 2014

We have made a number of changes in sailing committee which we hope will improve the quality of racing at Burghfield.

We have asked the race officers to move the start line further from the leeward mark when they set windward/leeward courses; possibly as far as a quarter of the way up the beat. This should relieve the congestion that sometimes occurs when the asymmetric boats get round their first lap before all the starts have been completed. You will then have to be aware where the start/finish line is so that you still sail through it on every beat.

Marks A and C are now in fixed positions and are shown on the course board. This should make it easier for race officers to set courses when the numbered marks, 8,9,10 and 11 are the windward marks but are under the trees. We now have a new very orange inflatable mark, known as Z, as the new moveable mark and this can be positioned anywhere in the lake. You can get a preview of it; it lives on shore either in or close to the rescue boat garages.

We have made 2 changes to the sailing instructions.

1 You may not pass between “desert” island (near marks 12 and 13) and the shore on any leg of the course. This stops you sailing across the shallows . The island and the shallows are an obstruction to sea room which you can call for room on in the normal way. This will start from the beginning of the Autumn series.

2 In a short series, that is 1 or 2 consecutive days, the helm and crew may swap over and still count as a single entry. The long series, that is Sunday fleet racing, Wednesdays and bank holidays, stay the same as now with each person helming requiring their on sign on.

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