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Sunday Racing

Sunday Racing

Racing on Sundays at Burghfield

The main racing at Burghfield takes place on a Sunday - and it takes place on nearly every Sunday throughout the year!

There are occasional weeks when there is not normal racing, for example if there is a Club special event (e.g the Commodore's Cup, Cock of Burghfield or Fleet Trophy Day) or an Open Meeting for one of the major established classes. For all other Sundays the normal club racing is split into morning and afternoon series, covering four times of the year: Frostbites, Spring, Summer and Autumn series.

The racing on Sundays may be organised into both class racing (where there are considered to be enough boats in one class to be sure of a good race) and handicap racing.

The start times for the different classes for 2008 are:
AM PM Fleet
11:00 13:30 Fast Asymmetric
11:03 13:33 Fast Handicap (PH < 1100)
11:06 13:36 Slow Handicap (PH ≥ 1100)
11:09 13:39 Optimists

During 2007, we started an overall club series - counting all boats who race in the normal Sunday PM fleet races, and combining these fleet results into a single Club series. The overall series continued for several years and was made possible by the use of the Lap-Timed handicap system currently in use.


For each race, any finishers are given points equal to the place they finished. Note: The actual number of races to count can vary up or down depending on how many races are actually held in each series. The actual number to count is shown in the BSC Sailing Instructions.

To see how many boats race each week, you will need to check the results for each class, or the statistics page for previous years, but the number of boats on the water each week is typically anywhere between 25 and 100 - making Burghfield one of the busiest and best supported sailing clubs in the country.

Normally, the results of each week's racing are posted on a Sunday, although they may appear later in the week, depending on the Weekend Manager's work-load and the neatness of the Race Officer's hand-writing! It is always worth checking the results carefully - with up to 150 different results to write down on a moving committee boat, transfer to the sign-on sheets, and then input to the computer, it is easy to make a small mistake somewhere. If you see an error, please contact

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