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Crew Wanted / Available

Crew Wanted / Available

CREW WANTED: Laser Vago (Wed/Sun)

Looking for regular crew.
Experience not vital, as a helm I have raced a number of seasons.
Skills or experience with spinnakers and trapeze would be good but equally can learn along the way. Looking for a regular crew to enjoy the Wednesday evening club racing with and maybe do the occasional Sunday race.
Contact Jason Bowen- 07533646288-

Updated: Apr 2017

For all two handed boats it's often difficult to find crew, or to find a helm you could crew with. This page is to help club members link up to sail together. To place an ad, see instructions below.

Urgent Requirements
If you need a crew urgently - write a note on the race whiteboard under the balcony - you can often find someone, even on the day of the race.

Conditions of Use
Advertisements may be added to the page subject to the following conditions:
  1. Only Club Members may place adverts
  2. Non commercial use only
  3. All adverts are subject to removal at the discretion of the club
  4. Adverts will be removed after approximately 1 month unless an extension is requested.
  5. We must be notified once a position has been filled or is no longer required
  6. Please remember to add contact details: Name, phone number & email. These will be displayed on a publicly accessible website. By submitting the information you are accepting this risk

In order to advertise on this page, please email the details to: . There may be a delay of a few days before the advert is posted. Please contact the office to have any adverts removed or changed.

Details to include:
Crew Wanted or Offered?
When: Sundays (am/pm), Wed eve, Saturdays, others? Every week or just occasionally?
What boat?
What level of experience? (beginner, new racer, regular club racer, etc)
Specific requirements or skills to offer? (eg: experience on trapeze, age, size)
Contact Details: Name / Phone / Email

Beware of Scams
This area of the site is aimed at BSC members, but it is visible to anyone, and you may get contacts from non members. Please be aware that there are people that will attempt to scam you out of your cash using details you post here. All postings are at your own risk.

Created on 10/07/2011 11:23 AM by Jay Dear
Updated on 06/04/2017 11:39 AM by Sharon Bullock
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