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Asymmetric Racing 2012 onwards

Asymmetric Racing 2012 onwards

Asymmetric sailing

Windward Leeward Courses

From September 2012 when the conditions are right(wind direction allowing for courses up and down the lake, there will be the option of windward leeward courses for the Asymmetric fleet.

New Windward / Leeward course for Fast Asymmetric

As a result of discussions in Sailing Committee, the club sailing instructions have been updated to allow the Race Officer to set a normal course but to tell the Fast Asymmetric fleet to just use the first and last marks as a windward / leeward course.
This may be done only when the course has a single beat in it and that beat is for the length of the lake. Even then the race officer may choose to run just the conventional course.

Should the race officer choose to run a windward Leeward for the Asymmetric fleet there will still be a more familiar round the cans course for the non asymmetric fleets. Asymmetric results on these days will not be included in the combined series due to the fact that they will be sailing a different course from the remainder of the fleets.

All competitors should familarise themselves with the windward/leeward & port/starboard rules as there may be more opportunity for boats to cross on different legs when a windward leeward course is set.

Flag 'U'
This windward / leeward course for Fast Asymmetric fleet will be invoked by flying the code flag U(seen to the left), on the committee boat from before the preparatory signal and then for the duration of the race. When this is hoisted, the Fast Asymmetric fleet will use just the first and last marks specified in the course sailed by all other classes, rounding them in the direction shown on the back of the committee boat. The starting / finish line is not a part of the course on the run.

Where possible, the race officer will also include this information on the whiteboard before going afloat.

The starting line should then be positioned a little further up the beat, between ¼ and 1/3 of the way up the beat from the leeward mark. This will give more space between the starting boats and the leeward mark if the racing boats complete a lap before all starts have been made but it means that all competitors must be more aware of its position and be careful to pass through it on every lap.

The Race Officers’ manual has been updated with the new guidelines and an e-mail identifying the changes sent to all race officers.

Created on 01/10/2012 05:03 PM by Jeremy Carey
Updated on 01/10/2012 05:36 PM by Jeremy Carey
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