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Laser Class

Laser Class


Laser Open 2014: Saturday 25th October

Competitor Briefing 10:15hrs. First Race 11:00hrs

COST: £10 if pre-registered, £15 on the day

Prizes for first 3 and first female (if different).

Laser Standard and Laser Radial. 4.7’s welcome. Separate fleet start / prizes for Radials or 4.7’s if more than 5 boats.

Otherwise, Portsmouth Yardstick 2013 will apply.

Please pre-register here

Laser & Radial Open, 13th October 2012

Event Details

The Laser & Radial Open is in Saturday 13th October 2012, with the first race scheduled for an 11am start. There will be three races over the course of the day, one before lunch and two back to back in the afternoon from approximately 1.30pm.

Registration will be from 9.30am upstairs in the main clubroom. A race briefing will take place beneath the balcony at 10.30am. With the three races scheduled there will be one discard with two to count. All racing will take place in accordance to the Club open meeting Sailing Instructions available to download below.
Prize giving will be at the end of the day in the main Clubroom.

Entry for the event is £12 per boat on the day or £10 per boat if when pre-registered using the link below. catering will be available for both breakfasts and lunch and I will endeavour to ensure that our caterers are up early and providing bacon butties for the early arrivals! If you require further information about the event please do not hesitate to contact me using the following e-mail address

Laser Fleet Captain

Pre Register...

Information for entrants

Laser Notice of Race 2012---Sailing instructions---BSC Location---accomodation---Contact the Club

Laser Open Meeting 30 October 2010-Report

Thirty six visitors joined twenty three Burghfield sailors for the laser open meeting on 30 October. With forty nine boats in the standard fleets this was one of the biggest open meetings the club has held for a long time. The weather was beautiful with a force 2-3 from the south and southwest, filling in time for the first race to get underway, and a good amount of sunshine. Three different boats won races but Alex Townsend from Burghfield sailed very consistently to win from Tom Weekes of Maidenhead. Katie Russell from Royal Lymington won the Radials and Matt Stephens from Burghfield took the 4.7s.

It took a general recall and black flag start to get the first race away, Rob Starling and Chris Harrup, both from Burghfield were the early leaders but with the wind off the hill causing many shifts they were slowly pulled back into the race. Alex Townsend got through on the last lap to win from Harrup who was able to hold off Weekes at the finish.

For race 2 the wind shifted more to the west. Weekes led from Dave Goddard (Bewl Valley) and Nick Martin (Burghfield) at the first mark, but as the race progressed the wind shifted with the clouds and Martin was able to slip past Weekes with Townsend easing into third place.

. The wind had moved back to the south giving short beats again for race 3. . There were several possible meeting winners at the start but Townsend sailed a good first beat to lead at the first mark. Once there he then sailed a sensible race. Roberta Hartley (Burghfield) crept up on the last run to take the race but by staying ahead of Niall Martin (Wembley) and Starling Townsend ended up a comfortable winner.

In the Radials Tom Howard (IRBSC) took the first race but was unable to hold off Russell who won the second and third races. Matt Stephens managed all three wins in the 4.7s.

Thank you to Rob Martin and his race team on the committee and Rescue boats for running a good meeting

Gale Force Gusts and Driving Rain Provided a Roller Coaster Ride at the 2009 Burghfield SC Laser Open

Driving rain and winds gusting to near gale force greeted the 29 brave (or crazy!) Laser sailors who took to the water on Sunday, 1st November, for the 2009 Burghfield SC Laser Open, the final event of the 2009 Thames Valley Laser Grand Prix series.

Race One [Severe wind squalls and torrential rain!!]: Just getting to the start line proved challenging enough for some, but capsizes at the start didn’t stop the Standard fleet getting away first time. Dave Goddard (Bewl Valley) and Steve Harper (Draycote) lead the fleet with Graham Lund (Datchet), Paul Robinson (Datchet), Alex Townsend (Burghfield), Paul Harper (Silverwing) and Nick Martin (Burghfield) all in close contention. Casualties quickly mounted as the squalls took their toll. Townsend dropped five places after being caught the wrong side of a savage shifting gust, opting to ‘jump ship’ rather than capsize to windward! At times capsized boats littered the course and battering rain cut visibility to a minimum.

2009 Burghfield SC Laser Open

Braving out the conditions, Goddard, Harper and Lund kept out in front to cross the line and take well deserved first, second and third places respectively. Robinson took fourth and Martin fifth. Dave Smith (Burghfield) fought his way through the fleet to cross in a hard earned sixth place.

The Radial Fleet also got away first time, but barely cleared the line before a snapped mast ended Peter Hamment’s (Papercourt) sailing for the day. The 2008 Standard fleet winner, Ian Gregory (Frensham), took a commanding lead. Lapping faster than many of the Standards, Gregory easily took first place. After a bruising few laps, Thomas Weekes (Maidenhead) and Daniel Francis (Papercourt) were the only other Radials left upright as they took second and third places respectively.
Race Two [Still squally but no rain] got underway after lunch, with the wind having swung by 180 degrees. After another clean start, and surviving some fierce gusts on the beat, Goddard, Harper, Leigh and Martin were first to round the windward mark. Rob Starling (Burghfield), Smith and Lund were all in hot pursuit. On the second beat Andy Leigh managed to open up a good lead, only to drop back again downwind, but finishing a credible third. Goddard and Harper took first and second, with Martin fourth and Starling fifth.

In the Radial Fleet, Gregory lead the way again, with Weekes taking second and the rest of the Radial fleet retiring.
Race Three [Wind easing ‘a little’ with some sunshine!] saw the kindest conditions of the day. The white horses had mostly gone and late afternoon sunshine cut across the lake as the Standards sprinted off the start. This time it was Starling who took an early lead with a daring port end flyer, with Harper, Leigh, Goddard, Robinson and Lund in hot pursuit. The second beat saw Starling round in first, only to wrap his mainsheet round the boom end block on the gybe and have to go head to wind to get it undone, dropping him back to fourth. Leigh took the lead for a short spell before Harper edged him back into second. On a tense final beat, Harper was covering Leigh on the left side while Starling took another flyer on the right in an attempt to overhaul Goddard.

As they neared the finish line it was anyone of Harper, Leigh and Goddard [all coming in from the left on starboard], or Starling [who was approaching from the right on port] who could have taken line honours. Harper tacked to put his nose across first, with Starling grabbing second and edging Leigh into third and Goddard fourth. Robinson and Lund headed the following pack and took fifth and sixth places respectively.

Gregory made it three out three in the Radial fleet with yet another first, while Francis took a well deserved second pushing Weekes into third.
Overall Positions:

With two wins under his belt, Dave Goddard of Bewl Valley took the overall title in the Standard fleet. Steve Harper (Draycote) took second and Andy Leigh (Burghfield) third. In the Radial fleet, Ian Gregory (Frensham) made it a clean sweep to take first place, while Thomas Weekes (Maidenhead) added the award for first ‘junior’ to his second place overall. Daniel Francis (Papercourt) took third.

All in all, a good but testing days racing had resulted in aching arms and legs, a few damaged ego’s and some priceless memories of surviving gale force wind squalls " or not!! A huge thank you to Rob Martin and his Burghfield race team for ensuring everything ran so smoothly - despite the weather. Let's hope the wind is a little kinder to us next year " Can’t wait though!!

2009 Burghfield SC Laser Open: Overall Positions
Standard Fleet
196244 David Goddard Bewl Valley SC First
130478 Steve Harper Draycote SC Second
86340 Andy Leigh Burghfield SC Third
188018 Rob Starling Burghfield SC Fourth
Radial Fleet
180368 Ian Gregory Frensham Pond SC First
189093 Thomas Weekes Maidenhead SC Second
186042 Daniel Francis Papercourt SC Third
174489 Mark Hayzelden Burghfield SC Fourth

Breezy at Burghfield Laser open 2008

More than 70 Lasers took to the water at Burghfield on 18-19th October. The 34 Laser 4.7’s entering a 2 day UKLA 4.7 Ladder event, were joined by a further 37 Standard and Radials on Sunday 19th for the Burghfield SC Laser Open, and penultimate event of the Thames Valley Laser Grand Prix series, making a ‘Laser spectacular’ across Burghfield lake! With wind forecast it had all the hallmarks of being a great days racing.

For Burghfield Laser sailors, the prospect of sausages and triangles generally meant a pre-race sausage snack. What it really meant was that UKLA ‘international style’ racing had made it to the BSC Laser Open.

Race One [Wind - not too strong; Course - Bangers only (2 in fact)]: At first glance the start line looked massive but, with a minute to go, the pin end looked packed as many opted to take the left side down the long beat in the building and shifty wind conditions. Dave Smith (Burghfield) became one of the early casualties, when he felt it necessary to break his universal joint in an attempt to show that he could get to the 1st mark by steering his boat with his foot! It didn't work and a retirement shortly afterwards meant an early setback for the defending BSC 2007 Laser Open Champion. Ian Gregory (Frensham) quickly took control at the front of the Standard fleet with Nick Martin and Rob Starling well placed amongst the Burghfield sailors. Julian Shawyer (Datchet) and Jake Bullock (Burghfield) in their radials were also at the sharp end.

The second mark (close to the edge of the lake and marking the start of the downwind leg), saw the early leaders take a measured approach and gybe round towards the middle of the lake. Starling and Andy Angwin (Burghfield) gybed late to ensure clear wind, which worked well and allowed them to close the gap with the leaders.

The second beat saw the vast majority of the fleet on the left side of the course once again. Starling opted for the right and rounded the top mark in third behind Gregory and Martin. The final upwind leg saw Martin and Starling opt for the right side, while Gregory took the left. Martin went too wide, whilst Starling hugged the island and rounded the top mark close behind the leader Gregory. Gregory (Frensham) took line honours, closely followed by Starling (Burghfield) second and Peter Chaplin (Burghfield) slipped through into third. Julian Shawyer (Datchet) took first in the Radial fleet, followed by Jake Bullock (Burghfield) and Catherine Whitehill (Papercourt).
Race Two [Wind " Stronger, planning conditions; Course - Sausage club sandwich (i.e. 2 lots of sausages and a couple of triangles)]: Another Big start line, another bundle at the pin end. Peter Blackman (Burghfield) took pin end honours off the start and led the Standard fleet up the first beat. By the end of the first lap it was Ben Elrin (Wembley), Andy Anguin (Burghfield), Gregory and Blackman in the front four places, with Roberta Hartley and Nick Jackson also well placed Burghfield boats.

Strong gusts on the second beat allowed Mark Sollars (Burghfield), Starling, Smith and Chaplin to make good gains and move into the top bunch. Some spectacular planning conditions coming in to the last downwind leg saw Elrin holding on to first place, Anguin second and Gregory third. Starling looked well placed in fourth to consolidate his second in the first race, until he was caught napping as a gust hit and death rolled it into the drink. Sollars slipped through to take fourth and Smith fifth. Oscar McVeigh (Wimbledon Park) took a well earned first in the Radial fleet, followed by Shawyer second and another third for Whitehill, with Bullock in fourth.
Race Three [Wind strongest of the day; Course as for Race 2]: White horses appeared across the lake as race 3 got off to a sprint to mark 1. Starling, Sollars and Hartley were amongst the top pack as they all planned down the first run. Dave Smith took a more adventurous approach and attacked the first run, whilst others seeing the ferocity of the gusts heading their way took a more defensive approach. Starling ended up in the drink [again] but Sollars and Mark Cooper (Burghfield) excelled in the heavy conditions to hold up BSC honours at the front of the pack. Gregory remained unchallenged and notched up yet another first in the Standard fleet, with Elrin second, Cooper third and Sollars fourth. McVeigh took another commanding win in the Radials, with Shawyer second and Peter Hamment (Paper Court) third.

With two firsts it was Ian Gregory who took the BSC 2008 title in the Standard fleet, with Ben Elrin second, Andy Anguin third and Mark Sollars fourth. Similarly with two firsts, Oscar McVeigh comfortably took the Radial title, followed by Julian Shawyer second, and Jake Bullock and Catherine Whitehill on equal points in third and fourth.

With the end of a tough but excellent day's racing, and a great turnout from the Burghfield Laser Fleet, the 2008 BSC Laser Open was declared a great success by all. Let's hope the wind is with us again for next year’s event. Can’t wait!!

Overall Results

Standard Fleet
180368 Ian Gregory Frensham SC First
192845 Ben Elrin Wembley SC Second
167596 Andy Anguin Burghfield SC Third
168801 Mark Sollars Burghfield SC Fourth
Radial Fleet
172144 Oscar McVeigh Wimbledon Park SC First
177957 Julian Shawyer Datchet Water SC Second
177912 Jake Bullock Burghfield SC Third
165219 Catherine Whitehill Paper Court SC Fourth

Laser Weekend at Burghfield - 18th/19th October 2008


The weekend of the 18th/19th October 2008 sees two big Laser events at Burghfield.

The laser 4.7 fleet will be racing on both days in the final round of their Ladder event and they will be joined on Sunday by the Standards and radials for the penultimate round of their traveler series.

See below for details of the two events.


Laser Class

The Laser fleet is one of the largest at the club and offers great racing throughout.

As well as the racing, a number of training and social activities are run during the year.

If you have any questions, please contact the fleet captain or talk to one of the many laser sailors at the club.

Laser Tips & Training 2007

Laser Tips & Training 2007

Interested in how to get your Laser going faster? Maybe you are new to Laser sailing and want to learn the right way to set up and sail the boat? or may be you have a particular point of sailing that you want to 'hone' your skills on in order to move up the fleet?

Either way, why not come and join in our first Laser training session of the season.

We are currently looking at one Saturday in May for our first session - the actual date is still to be chosen, so if you have a preference then send an e-mail to me on and we will see what best fits the majority. We will be posting the date and a 'pre-registration' link on the 'News' section of the web site shortly. The focus for this first session will very much depend on the needs of those attending and the wind conditions, although the idea for the first session is to focus on general boat preparation and set up [Vang, Cunningham, Outhaul, Tell-tails], boat trim & handling techniques [tacking, gybing] and different rig set ups for optimum upwind / downwind sailing. Future sessions will focus on racing, start line tactics etc.

We will have some of our leading club Laser sailors helping out with the session which will be a mixture of both shore based demonstration/instruction and on the water practice - boats rigged up and ready to go by 10am. If you are interested in joining in or willing to help out, or indeed have other ideas and suggestions, then feel free to send me a quick e-mail or catch me down at the club. ..... and don't forget to keep an eye on club news section for more details.
Peter Blackman - Laser Fleet Captain

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