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RS Vareo/RS 500

RS Vareo/RS 500

RS Vareo & RS 500 Open - Saturday 2nd April 2011

This years first Open Meeting for the RS-Vareos & RS 500's is to be held at Burghfield Sailing Club on Saturday 2nd April.

This one-day Open Meeting has always proved very popular with the fleet in the past - with people travelling a long way for the great close racing the class can provide. Fo the fist time. this year the event will be combined with the RS500's who will be sailing the same course though as a separate fleet.

Please use the links below to find the relevant information about Racing at the club for visitors. Registration for the event will be upstairs in the clubhouse between 9.30am and 10.30am, with a briefing at 10:45. The racing will start at 11:00 (the start line is between 5 and 10 minute sail from the club house) 2 races before lunch, and a further 2 races after lunch.

Pre-registration using the link below will reduce the entrance fee from:

RS Vareo's- £12 (on the day) to £10 if pre-registered.
RS 500's- £18 (on the day) to £16 if pre-registered.

Please note, that pre-registation does not require pre-payment so if you are unable to do the event after having pre-registered, you will not lose your money! We ask that you pre-register so that the club can get an idea of attendance and plan ahead accordingly to make the day run smoothly.

please pre register here

Key information for visiting sailors.

BSC Location

Sailing Instructions (pdf)


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Further Reading

There is more information about the RS Vareo's available both on this web-site: see Further race reports; and at the Class Association web site.
Vareo 534

Vareos at Burghfield

This season has seen a revival of the RS-Vareo class at the club.
There is the Asymmetric Fleet Captain, Chris Jordan, showing the way around in 294 (as long as his crew doesn't need him to helm the Laser 2000 Blue-It).
There are the "stalwarts" of Steve Trigg (156) and Mark Hayzelden (233), who have been sailing the boat for a number of years now.
Then there are a whole number of new people getting to grips with the only hiking single-hander with an asymmetric spinnaker in the UK. Andy in 534 is probably the most regular sailor on a Wednesday and Saturday - and as a result is gaining in experience very quickly!
Vareo Race 1 Start

Fat Face Open 21 April 2007

Nineteen RS Vareos gathered at Burghfield in much more than 19 degrees of heat for the inaugural event of the Fat Face circuit, many having travelled from distant clubs.

Race 1 started cleanly in generally light breeze but with strong enough gusts leading to swimming for the unlucky. Close racing was enjoyed by all wherever they were in the fleet as the wind direction meant a tight windward/leeward course across the lake.
Matt Moore looked set to win after rounding the final mark but a quick tack by Nationals champ Chris Larr snatched him victory by an inch.

After enjoying a traditional BSC lunch on the club veranda, fortified by chilli and other delicacies the fleet set forth for the second race in an increasing breeze. A slight change of course due to a wind change now left the fleet an interesting challenge - an island almost smack in the midst of the beat/run! Perhaps it was the chilli but more likely another wind shift 30s before the start caused most of the fleet OCS at the start and to the first ever RS Vareo general recall. Second time around the fleet was away and this time Martin Barrett won closely followed by Chris Larr with Matt Moore third.
Vareo action at the leeward mark Going in to race 3 Chris seemed best positioned to take the event. But the shifty wind near the windward mark and the difficult tactical decisions led to many place changes throughout the fleet. Dan Partington mastered the conditions to take the race followed by Matt and Martin Peters with his best result of the day.

After three races each with different winners Matt Moore showed his consistent mastery of the conditions and won the event by 2 points followed by Dan Partington and Martin Barrett. The Merit Prize was awarded to Nigel Best " who had driven a long way to his first Fat Face event. Well done Nigel.

Thanks to everyone who helped out to make this event such a success!

More photos to come soon... (with thanks to Jeremy Carey for his excellent camera work!)
Vareo Open 2007 Results
Vareos in action at BSC

RS Vareo

The Vareo fleet at Burghfield races as part of the Fast Handicap fleet. The fleet is very friendly and always keen to share ideas on how to make the boat go faster or make it easier to sail. Newcomers are always welcome. Many people are attracted by the appeal of an asymmetric singlehander that is both a performance boat yet not so extreme that getting to the leeward mark without a swim is impossible!

Most years Burghfield hosts a Vareo Open Meeting (part of the Fat Face circuit) and usually organise at least one formal training session.

As well as sailing regularly at Burghfield many members of the fleet are active on the Open circuit and Championships.

For more information please send a mail to or talk to Mark Hayzelden or ask any of the Vareo sailors at the club.
vareo open

Fat Face Open 10 June 2006

After last's year's near drift, this year we were rewarded with a brisk (and somewhat gusty) F4-5 and hot sunshine. 13 helms (9 visitors)resisted the distraction of the first England world cup match and joined the fray.

Chris Larr gave a masterful display of how to deal with the conditions, and the current Inland Champion took all three races by a considerable distance. The other interest was in the overall Fat Face Circuit as the current top three Tim Greenwood, Jamie Morgan and Jim Hood were all looking to improve their chances, knowing that Larr would not be doing enough events to take the Series

A strong onshore breeze made launching challenging for some but was followed by an exhilarating close reach down to the far end of the lake to where (by popular request) a simple windward/leeward course was set up. Not for us the spaghetti the 300's were to have (though they hugely enjoyed it!).

Race 1 and Larr took the lead immediately followed by a group including Morgan, Scott Butler and Nigel Tinkler, with Greenwood off the pace after deciding to go the wrong side of the islands. With plenty of swimmers the order changed often then on the last run Greenwood made his move, passing Tinkler and Butler as Morgan sailed into a hole in the wind to snatch 2nd place behind Larr with Butler in third.

The somewhat tired (and mainly wet) fleet returned to shore looking forward to a well earned lunch in the sunshine. It was a relief to find a working party had been toiling away and shifted the weed from the water. "Landing" dead downwind on a leeward shore in a strong breeze in a Vareo can be an interesting experience and a huge variety of techniques were employed to the amusement of the spectators. Good job there were a few helping hands around.

Race 2 and with a bit of reluctance with the England World Cup match about to start the competitors returned to a building breeze causing white horses on the lake. Larr again made his customery great start with Greenwood in hot pursuit until a snapped gooseneck ended his participation, but at least he got back in to see the football! Morgan and Mark Williams tussled for the minor places as Larr disappeared into the distance, with Morgan snatching second.
Vareo open Race 3 and a number of competitors did not take to the water due to fatigue, boat damage or football watching. Larr again had a race with himself, Williams kept upright and Dave Machin took the opportunity for a deserved third place. This gave Williams second overall, with Morgan third. A lot of very tired sailors got in to see the welcome England result.

Congratulations to Andrew Trigg who was the first BSC boat at 7th and mastered the conditions well. The rest of us (older and heavier!) found it pretty challenging but quite an experience!

Thanks are due to the many people who helped run the event and made it a success and keep BSC very much on the map as a good event.

Photos... (thanks to Chris Greenwood).

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