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National 12

National 12


N12 Open 2012- Report

The forecast was looking a little ominous before the event, with a high sitting across most of the country and so it was with a degree of trepidation that we set off for the club in the morning, arriving to beautifully sunny, though mirror like conditions. Visiting teams arrived, bringing the total to 13 teams, and started with a gentle approach to boat rigging. By 10.30 and the race briefing there were starting to be signs of wind rippling down the lake from the East. Was this just an increase in traffic on the M4 which borders the eastern end or were we in for a timely infusion of precious pressure from a sympathetic Thor?

By the scheduled start at 11am, thunder, there wasn't, but enough wind there was for the fleet comprising of a healthy mix of 6 foiling boats, five AC's (single bottomed) and a two Double bottomed non foilers. A line biased by the oscillating gentle breeze, meant being next to the committee boat was a popular place to be, and though this position was won by Jeremy and George in their borrowed Crusader, it was soon clear that Graham and Zoe had made a good move early on by going left and were in a strong position, being followed by Jon and Charlotte and Tom and Robert. These three were first to the windward mark, followed by Nigel and Chris in their Numinous. As the fleet headed around the 'P' course for the second time, Nigel and Chris caught up and passed both Tom and Jon to hold second place for a time, before Jon came back before the end. Further down the fleet the AC's were having a good battle of their own intermingled with the two foiling 'Foolishes' of Nick and John and Howard and Ella in their 'Annie Apple'. Ian and Jenny led the AC's from the start and were showing good pace throughout the race in the fickle wind conditions whilst Howard and Ella were going well in their 'Apple'. Tom White was also showing ominous pace off wind in his borrowed Warlock taking heads downwind, though struggled to get it pointing on the way back upwind. Places were changing regularly throughout the fleet as gains and losses were made in the varying wind conditions.

Graham and Zoe took a clear win in Race 1, with Jono and Charl having fought hard to regain second place as they crossed the line from Nigel and Chris.

During lunch there was a increase in wind combined with an increase in oscillations, but Race Officers Rob and Jan Martin did a superb job to account for this both before and during the afternoon races, moving marks accordingly. Race 2 got off cleanly, and after a close start the noses of Jon Ibbotson & Charlotte Stewart and Graham Camm & Zoe Ballantyne poked out of the pack. Graham Camm & Zoe Ballantyne rounded the windward mark first. On the second lap Tom & Robbie Stewart found rhythm on the approach to the windward mark to claim second which they defended to the finish. In the AC's the battling fleet of Crusaders were again led by Ian and Jenny, who maintained their dominance within the fleet recording a second 5th place overall. That is not to say that there was not plenty of changes of position ad the swinging breeze was allowing for some big losses and gains! A particular shift around Pancake Island, (named for its unleavened status not its relationship with Shrove Tuesday!) allowed Jeremy and George, who had forgettable start and weren't making great inroads into the pack ahead, to get back into contention and take a few heads before the final gun.

Race 3, and the wind had settled somewhat to its original easterly direction, though a big shift seconds before the start put those towards the pin end in fine position with Jon Ibbotson & Charlotte Stewart building a good lead. In the AC fleet, Tom and Helen were in a perfect position on the start and had a superb first beat, rounding the windward mark narrowly in fourth place and holding their own against the leading three doubled bottomed boats, with John Nixon and Ian Smith on their heels. As the fleet headed into lap two Jon and Charl held a clear lead but the chasing boats took the risk of going the other side of Pancake island where there was more breeze and despite sailing further Graham Camm & Zoe Ballantyne took the lead which they maintained to the finish. Further down the fleet a few Jeremy and George once again got a very healthy lift which gained them a good 100yds and put them back into the chasing pack taking two places up the final beat and right on the stern of Ian and Jenny. They maintained this position on the two reaching legs but as they came into the final run toward the finish line, they got alongside Ian and pipped them by ½ a boat length with Tom and Helen a boat length ahead of the pair to take 5th overall in the days final race.

After the pack down, the prize giving was held in the clubroom accompanied by tea and Cake, with Graham and Zoe taking the main prize of the day, Ian and Jenny the first AC boat and a special prize was awarded to John Nixon and Sue Howe who had traveled from Derby for the event, even with the light wind forecast... now that's commitment to your sailing! Thank you to Burghfield Sailing Club for organising and hosting the event and also a special thanks to local club members Alan and Syd Beeton who provided three of the boats on the entry, both to visitors and locals alike.

Jeremy Carey and Graham Camm.

Full Results

Happy sailing!

Weekend forecast did not disappoint!

Still aching.....
Still smiling....
Still crying.....

What a great days sailing! Though the attrition rate was high, the rescue boats busy (thanks guys), there were many smiling faces at the end of the day. Congratulations to all those who first,managed to stay upright,and second, finished a race. Commiserations to those who didn't.
My only regret is that we didn't manage to finish either race. Oh, and the fact that I might have to wait a bit to sail again...was it worth it? YES!

Why you ask..? click on the image to find out.


is this for you?

Cold and windy!

A little taster for those sensible armchair sailors who think that sailing should be done in the summer only.

You might be missing out on something!Click the image to find out?

Report- GILL Series 1 & BSC National 12 Open 2010

N12 OPen 2010
The first Gill event of 2010 was a fascinating encounter between the classic style of modern 12 with conventional rudders, the new winged rudder Dead Cat Bounces and the older designs with the wing rudders.

Race 1, the lightest of the day was won comfortably by Graham and Zoe Camm in their former National Champion boat, Babel Fish. Jono and Charlotte Ibottson were second in their Feeling Foolish, pursued by Steve Norbury and Andy Hill in their Foolish equipped with the same carbon foils as were used by Jo Richards. Tom Stewart in his new Dead Cat Bounce had to jump out on an island to push off having cut the corner too fine.

In race two there was more wind with all teams hiking hard upwind and planing downwind. Caroline Martin and Andy Douglas got the best start at the pin, but Tom and Liz got the layline perfectly and rounded the windward first and extended their lead after getting their wings working on one of the faster reaches. Graham and Zoe, not having had such a good start, had plenty of work to do to fight through to second. Kevin Iles and Jane Wade, in their first outing in their new DCB, made it through to third with Steve and Andy right behind.
N12 Open 2010
So at the start of the final race, a starboard favoured line a minute or so before the start turned into a port end line and Jono was able to tack onto to port and clear the fleet, holding a good shift right across the lake and taking a great starboard toward number one. As throughout the day, there were plenty of shifts to contend with, providing snakes for the unwary and ladders for the smart. Tom and Liz snuck past Steve and Andy on the beat, but they then promptly passed him back the reach. On the last beat Steve kept a careful cover to keep Tom in second.

So three different race winners with Tom taking first overall, Graham second and Steve third. First Admiral’s Cupper was Tom White & Maria Gidley in Le Shed, Arthur and Many Henderson were first Youth-helm boat with Mike and Alex Storey first family boat.

Past National 12 Events

N12 Inlands 2008

National 12 inlands 2008

As is customary with the national 12's, they held their inlands, and the final race of the national ranking Gill series, at Northampton over the weekend of the 1st and 2nd of November and a strong fleet of 33 boats attended ranging from four plankers (early designs) to the very latest double bottomed carbon boats.

Of the six 12's that race at BSC, four made the journey north to northampton for the forecast wet, cold and windy weekend including new BSC members Steve Norbury and Andy Hill. And they were not dissappointed, for the weeknd proved to be a fabulous showcase of just how fun and testing sailing a 12 can be. though Graham and Zoe Camm (current National Champions) did not manage to race on the Saturday due to illness they proved that wasn't going to put them off and raced both of the sunday races.

There was a strong showing from all the Burghfield boats and though none managed to finsh at the top Steve and Andy were 8th overall, caroline and Andy 10, and Jeremy and George 13th. had Graham and Zoe managed both days I'm sure they would have been strong contenders to take the inland title to match their national title for in the two races they completed they recorded a second and a third.

Inlands 2008
As can be seen from the images, it was quite an exciting weekend and really showed what twelves can do. The images are from the sunday's sailing and this was the more gentle of the two days and racing!

2008 Inland Results

With the inlands now complete the next event on the twleve calendar is the Burghfield winter series which satrts on the 23rd of November and is linked in with club racing. The was a lot of positive talk about the numbers that are thinking of attending so we are looking forward to a great series which runs over six sundays from November to February. If you fancy trying a 12 to see just how fantastic they are to sail in all conditions make sure you drop down the club on one of the sundays listed below and I'm sure that someone will be willing to let you try one out!

23 November
7 December
4 January
18 January
1 February
15 February

If last years events were anything to go by it should be a real blast!
Look further down this page to the video link to see why!

N12 Open 2008 -Report and Results

Start line mayhem!
The strong local fleet and a weather forecast without any snow featuring attracted 7 visitors to make the fleet a round dozen for some close racing around the islands on Burghfield lake. A rather unstable but generally south westerly breeze provided some challenging racing, with 90 degree shifts (thankfully mainly between races) and strength ranging from a millpond to marginal planning testing the competitors.

The first race provided the biggest tactical decision right at the start. With the line not far to leeward of one of the islands and a strong starboard bias, anyone tacking early off the start would be forced one side of the island, whilst anyone wanting to go the other side would have to get a clean start at the pin and sail close to leeward of the island in slightly less breeze for a while. Jon Ibbotson & Charlotte Stewart got the clean start and headed off to the left with the Thorntons and this proved to be the right decision, those on the left suffering from being in less breeze on the wrong side of a persistent bend. That set the pattern for the race, with Fran & Sophie making huge gains on the second beat by going furthest left to take the lead for the second lap. The Thorntons’ consistently good boat speed proved too much for the other competitors though, and they built a comfortable lead, followed by Fran and Soph, with Jon and Char match racing the Whites at the close to get third place.

After lunch, the wind became less predictable, so playing the shifts and hunting for pressure was the name of the game. Tim Laws & Graham Camm were first to the windward mark but were soon overhauled by Jon & Char who managed to build up a good lead upwind only for it to evaporate as the wind died to virtually nothing on the downwind legs and then blew in from behind, compressing the whole fleet into a small space. Jon & Char just managed to get their nose in front at the leeward mark and, with Kevin & Jane, made the most of the returning fresh breeze. Jon & Char led to the finish, though the Thorntons eventually hunted down Kevin & Jane to take second place.

Going into the final race, the Thorntons, Jon & Char and Fran & Soph could all have won overall. As it was, Kevin and Jane led comfortably around the first lap, going left as the wind seemed to be returning to its pattern of the first race, with Jon & Char second and both Fran & Soph and the Thorntons back in the pack. Up the second beat, with the wind as far left as it had been all day, Jon & Char followed the lift but this took them onto what had seemed to be the unfavoured right hand side of the islands. This decision got them the lead which they held to the finish, followed by Kevin & Jane then Fran & Soph.


N12 Training and Open 29th-30th March 2008

As a follow on from the successful winter series there will be a training day for Twelves on Saturday 29th march run by Nick Martin. Video debriefing will be included on the day. The club caterers will be available for meals and drinks so you do not need to worry about sandwiches.
Cost for the Day will be £10.

The following day will see the Burghfield N12 open. This will follow a similar format to previous years with the Twelve fleet starting before the Club racing and there being a total of three races in the day with two to count. First Start will be at approximately 11am. Entry fee will be £12.00 for pre-registered boats and £15.00 for registration on the day.
To pre-register for either the Training or the open please use the links below.
N.B. there is no reduction in training fees for pre-registration but we would appreciate if you would either pre-register on the link below or contact Graham Camm to register on
N12 winter Series 2007/8

National 12 Winter series 2007/8
This winter a series has been organised for the National12's at BSC with boats visiting on six weekends to compete in twelve races.

  • Sunday23rd november
  • Sunday 8th December
  • Sunday 13th january
  • Sunday 20th January
  • Sunday 3rd February
  • Sunday 17th February

To date they have had great wind on all of the meetings, if not a bit too much on occasions! Click the video link to see how challenging a N12 can be in extreme winds and rest assured that at times two sails is quite enough!

Windy Video
A photo gallery of the racing so far...

In addition see the results here:

If you want to know anything about sailing a Twelve here at BSC or would like a test sail please don't hestitate to contact me on the link below

Open Meeting 2007

March 25th 2007
The National 12 Open Meeting for 2007 will be held at Burghfield on 25th March.

The first race of three will start at 11:00, and the National 12's will be a part of the normal club racing courses. The Ntaional 12's will start first, followed by the normal club sequence (RS400, Fast Handicap, Lasers, Slow Handicap). The second and third races will follow in the afternoon, starting not before 13:30 (depending on the finish of the first race).

Open Meeting 2006

Tight racing in blustery conditions kept the National Twelve sailors at Burghfield’s open meeting on their toes and, for the first race, extremely hot as everyone was overdressed for the remarkably mild day.

The Twelves started off 6 minutes before club racing and with a good long beat in the Westerly winds had with all of the five boats in the leading bunch crossing ahead at some time on the first lap. Eventually the National Champions, Graham Camm and Zoe Ballantyne, and John Thornton & Katy Meadowcroft slipped ahead of the others, but Graham did not manage to break away from John and Katy until they were caught off balance by a gust at the gybe mark by the club house and had a quick swim. Fran Gifford and Sophie Mackley took second place with several changes of place in the shifty winds. Fran held on to second and John & Katy snuck passed Caroline Martin and John Brown to snatch third position on the line, taking advantage of a useful lifting gust. Lots of fast planing reaches kept the Twelves ahead of the Club RS400 fleet till the last lap.

For race two the Twelves again started ahead of club racing and with two shorter beats in the more Southerly winds the emphasis was all on rapid response, opportunism and loads of tacking on the short shifts. Graham eventually snatched the lead, but had to keep a watchful eye on Fran & Sophie who always had the possibility of getting ahead on the shifts and the even bigger gusts than in the first race. Caroline Martin and Andy Douglas took third after much place swapping. For the third race the Twelves had the lake to themselves, with a slightly depleted lineout. Conditions were marginally steadier but the rain started and the exhausted competitors were glad when race officer Richard Foster shortened the last race.

N3492 Graham Camm & Zoe Ballentyne
N3431 Frances Gifford & Sophie Mackley
N3455 Caroline Martin & Andy Douglas

First Admirals Cup boat " Brian and Jackie Whitmey

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