Burghfield Sailing Club is located near Theale just South of Reading in Berkshire. It is easily accessable from the M4 (Junction 12) and the A4. The map below gives you directions and can be printed.

Width Restriction

If you are driving or towing anything large, please see the Width restriction section below.

Height Restriction

Height Restriction

Please note: a new high level security gate has been installed at the entrance to the club.

The new gate has a MAXIMUM HEIGHT of 2.2m.

If you are in a high vehicle, have boats on your roof, have a high stacking trailer or a trailer with a mast on a high support please approach the club with caution!

If you think you may need access with the top gate open, please contact the club office for further information.

Google Maps

This is a fully interactive Google Map which you can use right here on our site. You can see the full size map here.

Width Restriction

There is a 6' 6" width restriction at the canal bridge on Station road just to the North of the club entrance, this is on that natural route from the motorway. The restriction is marked by two low steel cones rather than vertical posts so it is the width at road level which is critical and a small overhang above that will pass through OK.

Cars, and small vans are no problem and most transit size vans will pass through at a squeeze. Most boat trailers (e.g. West Mersea 250 road trailer with an RS400) and small RIB trailers are OK but larger trailers and larger camper vans will not make it.

Below are two suggested alternative routes, one from Junction 12 of the M4, suitable when traveling from the West and the other leaving at Junction 11, suitable when traveling from the East. The latter looks complicated but there are some brown signs "Place of interest" signs on this route. If you are using a Sat Nav, just take the first couple of turnings on either route and it should pick up the alternative for you.

There is also an alternative route on live.com

From the East

From the West

Burghfield Sailing Club Map

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The club house is located at 51 25' 42.76"N 1 03'50.13"W.

This can be entered directly into Google Earth as 51.42854,-1.063925

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