Sport Relief at Burghfield Sailing Club

Listeners to BBC Radio Berkshire will know that Tim Dellor, their Sports Correspondent, very gamely agreed to take on the challenge of 29 Olympic Sports in a week for Sports Relief. On Monday 12th March he arrived at BSC to take on his sailing challenge where three boats (Finn; Laser; and RS Vision) had been rigged for him to choose from.

On a typical day at BSC with beautiful sunshine and a steady light breeze, Tim started with an interview for radio with some friendly banter with Charles Gilchrist and Peter Colvin. When Tim asked Charles which boat he should try, he was advised to take the Laser - because it would be the easiest to right when he capsized! Common sense prevailed in the end and the Vision was launched with Tim at the helm and Charles crewing.
Tim made another recording for Radio by taking the listeners through the process of tacking. This was made all the more difficult because he was holding the radio mike all the way through the tack. Tim did well considering that the last time he had sailed was as an 11 year old at BSC on a summer course. All too soon they had to head back to the shore for a last radio interview with Charles before Tim left to go on his way with 24 challenges remaining.
Those of you who have been able to follow Tim Dellor’s progress on Radio Berkshire and BBC South Today will have seen the way he has tackled the 29 challenges with enthusiasm and will also have seen how exhausted he was by many of them. Tim did all this for a very deserving cause " Sports Relief. Please show your appreciation of Tim’s efforts by giving generously " the link to the BBC website can be found here

You can also see some photographs of Tim’s efforts at BSC on Alex Irwin’s website here