Racing - What races are organised at Burghfield?

What are the different races at the club?

The list of the different races shown here is in approximate ascending order of difficulty for a new person to racing. It doesn't mean you have to follow the progression, as often there is more support for you from other fleet members at some of the other events, but it should give you an idea of how serious the racing might be taken by your fellow competitors.


Admiral's Club

Introduced in 2007, Admiral's Club is:

Fleet Training Days

Each fleet within the club normally manages to organise 2 or 3 different training days during the year. Some of these might be straight boat handling improvements, while others will involve lots of short races for practise.


Wednesday Evenings

These events, held for 18 weeks in the summer, are very popular - both with complete beginners to the racing scene, and to those who are a lot more experienced.

Bank Holiday races

Special Events on Sundays

Keep an eye on the website for confirmed dates.

Normal Sunday Racing

Sunday's are when the main racing at Burghfield takes place. The racing is organised into fleets and handicap racing, and the numbers on the water can vary between about 20 or 25 boats (when its cold and raining) to well over 100 (when its sunny and there is a good breeze blowing).

Open Meetings


National Championships