Duty Roster

Online Duty Roster

We use the excellent Dutyman system in order to provide an online, interactive and dynamic duty roster for our members.

Please Note: The use of this system saves the club money by removing one of the major pressures on the Club Managers' time. If you swap duties verbally, please follow it up with a request/confirmation via DutyMan rather than calling or emailing the Club Office. If you have a genuine reason why you cannot use DutyMan, please send details of the swap and a description of the problem to so that we can register your swap and hopefully improve the system.

Using this system provides the following advantages:

  1. Duty notifications are automatically sent out by email
  2. Duty swaps can be arranged between members
  3. Swaps are automatically updated and become visible to all
  4. Availability for a duty can be confirmed online

Since we started using DutyMan at the beginning of the 2005 season 100s of requests for swaps have been sent using the online system, most of which have resulted in a successful swap.

Sailing Duties This Week

Wednesday Eve Roster - IMPORTANT UPDATE - 16 July 2018

In order to simplify the duty rosters, all remaining Wednesday evening duties have been moved to the Sailing Roster (above). Wednesday duties are pre-fixed with W - . Duty swapping has been updated to enforce swapping of a duty of the same type only.

If you would like to make a swap with a different duty type please contact the office.

Over the next couple of months we will be consolidating all rosters into a single Dutyman roster for all duty types.

Upcoming Bar Duties

Upcoming Working Parties


Race Officer Guidelines

There are some guidelines, tips and useful information about the Race Officer and Assistant Race Officer duties.

Please set an example to others by wearing your buoyancy aids when on the Jetty and on the Committee Boat. Boat drivers must wear the kill cord.

Click here for more information.

Safety Boat Information

There are some guidelines, tips and useful information about the Safety Boat duties. Click here for more information.


Duty Swaps

Please remember that if you cannot attend your duty, it is your responsibility to arrange a swap. There is a duty waiver fee of £105 which becomes payable if a duty is missed and not rearranged.

For more information on duties and how to arrange swaps
click here

The online Duty Roster provides a facility which allows you to request swaps via email. Click one of the links above and follow the instructions. Multiple requests can be sent out as only the first positive response will be accepted.

Alternatively, a swap can be arranged verbally or via the club mailing list. However, please ensure that the swap is confirmed via the online roster so that everyone else is informed.

If you receive a request to swap a duty, please help out if you can.

The club can only manage to operate such a full and successful calendar with the support of all its members. We thank you for your cooperation.

Average Points

In an attempt to remove one of the demotivating factors for completing club duties, the Sailing Committee has agreed to award average points instead of DNC for helms who are on duty at the club.

Average points in this case will mean the average that the helm scores in all races of the series not scored DNC.

Average points for a duty can only be counted once in a series.

A Duty can be either a scheduled duty or one carried out at short notice to help the club out but must be approved by an official of the club (Committee member or Club Manager). It is hard to believe that anyone would try to take advantage of this rule but we will be monitoring things to ensure that this does not happen.

In order to claim these points, a helm who is on duty will need to sign on as if they are racing and enter DUTY in the declaration.

This DOES apply to Wednesday evening and Bank holiday races as well as Sunday racing.

The level of activity at the club is increasing at the moment which is just fantastic to see. In order to maintain this momentum we rely a great deal on volunteers. This amendment is not intended as a reward. Rather, it is intended to remove one of the penalties of helping the club.

Open Meetings - Check List

If you are asked to organise an Open Meeting for your class, then there is a useful checklist of things not to forget here.