News - August 2018

Fleet TRophy Day

2018 Fleet Trophy Day - Sunday 2nd Sep

Fleet Trophy Day - a one-day event normal Fleet racing (as for normal Sunday racing), but 2 races in the morning and 1 race in the afternoon.

3 races, 2 to count, first start 11:00


The Bloodbath & Prize Giving - 29 August 2018

As a celebration and end to the Wednesday Evening Series, come and join us for the 2018 Bloodbath.... It’s not scary! It’s a great, fun way to end the evening series!

A lap-timed handicap race, single start with one loooooooong line, & no personal handicaps!

Start 6:50pm for ALL competitors
Competitors will need to go through the start/finish line on every lap
The race will be in the region of 45-60mins long

If you’d like to use a club boat for this event, please contact the club office.

Following the Bloodbath, join us for supper and Prize-Giving

Prizes will be awarded for the 2018 Wednesday Evening Series & Bloodbath. Prizes will be awarded throughout the fleet so come and join in!

Note: Sunday series and other event prizes will be awarded at a later date

RS 400 Open

RS 400 Open Meeting: 4 August 2018 - Postponed

Incorporating the:
2018 RS 400 Open Meeting (2018 Southern Tour)

Please note that this event has been postponed. More details regarding an alternative date will be published as soon as possible.

Mid Summer Party

Mid-Summer Party - Saturday, 18th August 2018 - Booking Extended

Tickets: Adults - £10.50 / under 16s - £7.50

Either create a team of six, alternatively we will put teams together on the day. Teams will include a mix of adults and children.

More details & Book Tickets Here

Ent Youth Nationals

Enterprise Training & Youth Nationals - 1/2 Sep 2018 - Cancelled

Saturday 1st Sept
Sunday 2nd Sept
More details and Entry

For more details contact