Blaze at Burghfield

Blaze Training Day - 7th April 2018


We're planning to hold a Blaze training day on Saturday April 7th. The plan is that training will be run by the Andrew Simpson Watersports Centre who've recently taken over the training establishment at Burghfield.

The Blaze CA have kindly offered to subsidise the training for its members, so the cost will be £15 per person. Thanks to all those who've filled out the initial form - it demonstrated there was enough interest to proceed.

Because needing to know number of attendees is more critical than for a 'normal' event, we're asking that anyone planning to attend please sign up & pay in advance before the end of Wednesday 4th April. So could you please fill out this new Webcollect form. (Apologies to all of you who've already filled out a form, the original one didn't have any means of collecting money!)

Note your contact details are only so we can contact you with information relating to this specific event. On completion of the event all this information will be deleted.

Any questions,

Mike Bell
Blaze 807